me taking photos

I always thought Sundays were meant to be pretty lazy. You might sleep in for a bit, have a late brunch, play a bit of music before retiring to a big family dinner ready to tackle the oncoming week.

These are…of course…all lies. Sundays are now a ramshackle free-for-all…whereby all the things you planned for the weekend now have to be done on the one day, because Saturday was either spent finishing work or lost in a stupor of post Friday haze. You know what I’m talking about, you wake up on Saturday mornings groggy, croaky and generally feeling a little lost in the world.

Anyway this treatise on weekends might tell you more about how I operate my life than what’s actually happening in yours. But…in short, this space is a creative free for all for me to experiment on what I’m passionate about in the moment, whether it’s food, style, art or something else… always punctuated with a lot of photography… and usually done on a Sunday.

So Who are you again?

My name is LJ and by day I’m a TV Producer/Director which is a pretty freaking awesome job and allows me to live out most of my dreams. By night you can usually find me basking in the glow of a LCD screen, cooking, failing at music, or playing tennis. You can check out my professional portfolio. If you’d like to collaborate on something or have any questions please drop me a line.