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Sole Exploration #2 – Nike Vapor 8 Tour

Welcome to another edition of Sole Exploration, today we delve into my extensive tennis shoe collection. I like <3 tennis… I play a lot of tennis, and I’ve purchased a lot of tennis shoes. Probably more than I’ll ever need, but I guess it’s handy to be able to chart my tennis development through my sneakers? (Okay who am I kidding, they’re really my way of esoterically charting Roger Federer’s career)

Nike Vapor 8 Tour

#2 – Nike Vapor 8 Tour – White/Yellow

WhereTennis Warehouse Europe

When – January 2011

Did You Know? – These are the kicks that Roger Federer sported during the spring season of 2011 in particular at the 2011 Australian Open. They are also the only Nike Vapors I own which sport the RF monogram. It was unusual for a pair of Vapors to be mass sold with an RF logo, usually they’re kept for special Nike Stores at say the US Open.

The Good – Slightly more stable with a wider heel base than the Vapor 7s and more flexible than the plasticky Vapor 6s. Plus the yellow is totally FETCH.

The Bad – Unfortunately I didn’t really get a chance to wear these puppies very much. I almost broke my ankle going for a routine inside out forehand one Saturday and I became wary of these shoes ever since. And once the uber comfy Vapor 9s came out, these were ditched to be backyard shoes, which made me super sad because I had the most awesome yellow, anthracite & white kit to go with it.

Photographic Mood – London Drizzle

Nike Vapor 8 Tour

Nike Vapor 8 Tour

Nike Vapor 8 Tour

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