Sole Exploration #3 – Vans Chukka Slim

I didn’t grow up with many pairs of hip canvas soles, preferring the craziness of 90s chunky sneakers instead. Perhaps it was my mum’s influence; she would always refer to plimsolls as peasant shoes because they reminded her of the shoes that her entire generation in China wore as kids because they were the cheapest shoes available. Now much older, I have fallen in love with the dress down look of plimsolls (and let’s not forget the hip surfie/skate iconography) but sadly my feet really don’t agree. I could never comfortably wear Chuck Taylors because of how narrow they are and most plimsoll soles are too flat and provide less than adequate cushioning. In fact after a brief hipster period late last year, I threw away all my plimsolls after a solid month of recovering from metatarsal inflammation (ouch right?). But I guess I couldn’t stay away for long, and soon found myself in possession of a pair of Vans, my first in fact.

Vans Chukka Slim

#3 Vans Chukka Slim – Marl Grey

Where – Ebay

When – November 2013

The Good – The upper is beautiful knitted grey marl which makes it surprisingly cosy. It also cuts a slimmer silhouette than most vans which is awesome for us chicks because most Vans cut such a masculine profile. The mid-cut goes well with skinny jeans or even shorts/dresses/skirts. They’re hip without being overly trashy and the grey goes with everything.

The Bad – Plimsoll soles. Man the zero heel cushioning means if you’re a heavy heel striker like me, prolonged bouts of walking will hurt.

Photographic Mood – Late 70s Beach Deck

Vans Chukka Slim Grey Marl

Vans Chukka Slim Grey Marl

Vans Chukka Slim Grey Marl