A Clarification of Sorts

I’ve always said to myself and to others that I don’t know how long this project will last. The answer was usually when the food dries up, when I get bored or when it stops been fun. In the last few months it’s been harder and harder to get off my butt and write for this site. The photography is not an issue, but I’ve discovered that writing up recipes is just really not my thing…in fact it’s one of the things which hinders me, resulting in a backlog of recipes dating back the past year or so.

This has started me thinking… has it stopped been fun? Then I realised maybe I was doing this for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps in seeking more hits, more recognition and more wanton creative-ego gratification I’ve lost track of what I was doing, or rather wanted to do.

To be honest I never really thought that this space was to be a food blog only. I’d always wanted to explore various creative intersts but then I was afriad it’ll just be another personal/lifestyle blog, a billion of those populate the internet and I wanted to be different, to have a goal and a plan. Well how big of my ego to say… “Your photography deserves a platform…a serious one, not just another lifestyle blog.” So therefore I pigeonholed myself into a corner which I resented and I’ve realised, you know what? I’m really not that special.

It was never really about the food. It was always about the photography, the style, the design, the creativity, the visuals. Food was just a bonus and an excuse to do it from the house in a controllable environment. It was an easy way into experimenting, playing, exploring and learning. But soon it become a chore. I put pressure on myself to perform, to do better, to get overly ambitious, to maybe one day get that book deal, or get published in a magazine, or to get a professional gig… Which is all complete bullshit and not what I wanted to do in the first place.

Sometimes in chasing the fortune and glory you tend to lose sight of what was fun and special in the first place. There was no situation more demonstrable of this fact then when I was taking photos at the Australian Open this year. It was my 5th year at the even and I’d been pining for a photographer media pass since my 2nd year. But I realised (this is a post of realisations I gather) that maybe running around in 40 degree heat with 2 cameras, monopods, multiple lenses and a turnaround times of 2 hours was perhaps not how I wanted to experience something that I was deeply passionate about.

I frankly have the utmost respect for anyone who is singularly passionate about something to do produce something cohesive out of it, but I certainly have not reached that point. I still have so much exploring, learning, creating and having fun to do.

So what’s next then? Well I can shut down this site, call it a day and say the project has come to a natural end. But then I still have a shiteload of creative pursuits to explore and a backlog of food posts which would loiter in absolute limbo for the rest of eternity on my computer. So as you can see I’ve revamped the site a bit, really stripped it down and you know what, it is a personal blog, no sense in denying it and no sense in being ashamed of the “lifestyle” tag.  But don’t fear, it won’t become an early noughties livejournal stream of consciousness either.

I will however be delving into some more short term projects, mostly photography whilst trying to find as much time as possible to publish the rest of the food stuff. So Not So Lazy Sundays will essentially be my online creative space. Like a Chris Doyle scrapbook but better organised.

I will still keep up the food stuff but possibly not as a central factor for the site, so it really will start to live up to the tagline of food, style & other cultural pursuits. Not just the food.

Apologies if you read the site only for the food, but I hope you will continue to stick around in the future for some other interesting creative stuff as well.

PS. Some other changes

  • I will also be posting different photographic content on instagram regularly so please join me on that
  • I’ll be shutting down the Not So Lazy Sundays twitter, instead updates and other stuff will be on my personal twitter (unfortunately you’ll have to suffer through the regular tennis spam), but 2 twitter accounts is a bitch to work with. If you just want site only updates, then please subscribe to the feed, or like on facebook.