What I’m Reading – Blogs

I’ve always been a prolific online blog reader, so much so that my gigantic Feedly list regularly throws me daily targets of 500+ articles to get through. This is daunting to say the least but luckily my speed reading skills acquired through my lacklustre law degree has come in handy.

I follow over 50 food blogs alone, and sometimes the visuals do meld together into a sea of indistinguishable food porn, especially with the larger compilation sites like Serious Eats, Eater and Food52. This is why sometimes it’s really enjoyable to read individual sites which have a unique and individual tone.

The following are of many which inspire me, fill me with awe, and occasionally impart a generous dose of envy. And often it’s all three emotions at once.


Reading Manger late at night you often wonder where the hell you went wrong in your own life. I mean…Mimi Thorisson just paints the perfect life in blog form. She’s beautiful, her kids are beautiful and they all live a seemingly wistful & charming life in provincial France with amazing produce, food and gorgeous neighbours. Did I mention everything (including the photography) is so fucking beautiful it hurts?  If I were to grow up again, Thorisson would be my hero-woman. Gwyneth Paltrow can only wish she had so much style.


Lady and Pups

If reading Manger has got you all bitter and jaded about your own life then this blog is the antidote. Get angry, get even and get cooking. Often food and lifestyle blogs nowadays get lost in a sea of ethereal hipsterdom (which moi is guilty of also) so it’s refreshing when you encounter something which isn’t afraid to go bold or go home. The Lady of this site punches you in the face with her food, photography and writing. The sass is as biting as is the generous use of spices and after every recipe I’m craving a post-coital cigarette (and I don’t even smoke). It’s definitely a FUCK JEAH! blog.


Two Red Bowls

Considering TRB started their blog a month before I did last year, Bowl #1 is testament to that hard work and perseverance equal the makings of a successful blog. Unlike yours truly who generally just fluffs about on this blog, TRB updates regularly, involves herself in the community and has a keen sense of direction for TRB. What’s also inspiring to see is the evolution of her styling and photography skills.  Every time I need a kick up the bum to post something, it usually comes after reading TRB latest post.

Clinton St Baking Company Pancakes, for Verily Magazine

Alana Bread

A fellow Australian, Alana covers both dining out in Sydney and her own recipes. She has such a keen eye on capturing the mood and tone when covering eating establishments and I love the variety on her blog. She also shoots for Broadsheet which is fast becoming the go to online hipster foodie hangout for Sydneysiders and Melbournians. I’d love to pick her photography brain whilst simultaneously hanging out at some hip new opening in Surry hills (Sydney lyfe YO!)

Alana Bread