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Brochure Food

A while ago I was asked by my parents to design a brochure menu for their little Fish & Chips/Seafood shop. Can you imagine after 13 or so years of owning it we never had a brochure menu? Yikes. Of course with my newly found passion for food photography I took it incredibly seriously, possibly too seriously much to my parents chagrin. This was to be my first foray into commercial food photography. I had to keep things simple and in line with what their business was all about, namely to provide old-fashioned fish & chips, burgers and fresh seafood to the local community.

So definitely no hipster food styling here, no lifting the blacks, no casually placed herbs or cutlery. It was about presenting the produce in a clear, defined and delicious way. And ultimately to take photos which would in work in print (which is very different to an LCD screen), in a folded brochure. Honestly to my surprise the assignment proved to be much tougher than my usual food styling philosophy of “faking it ’till I make it”. It certainly made me appreciate even the simplest of commercial food photos these days. You know that photo of a delicious kebab at your local? A photographer possibly slaved hours over it.

Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

Calamari and chips

Grilled Salmon with Chips & Salad